§ 6.2-1526

Wage assignments

A. A valid assignment or order for the payment of future salary, wages, commissions, or other compensation for services may be given as security for a loan made by any licensee, notwithstanding the provisions of any other law to the contrary.

B. No assignment of, or order for payment of, any salary, wages, commissions, or other compensation for services, earned or to be earned, given to secure any loan made by any licensee shall be valid unless:

1. The amount of the loan is paid to the borrower simultaneously with its execution; and

2. The assignment or order is in writing, signed in person by the borrower, and not by an attorney, or if the borrower is married unless it is signed in person by both husband and wife, and not by an attorney. Written assent of a spouse shall not be required when husband and wife have been living separate and apart for a period of at least five months prior to the giving of the assignment or order. The provisions of this section are in addition to, and not in derogation of, the general statutes pertaining to the subject.

C. Under the assignment or order, an amount equal to not more than 10 percent of the borrower’s salary, wages, commissions, or other compensation for services shall be collectible from the employer of the borrower by the licensee at the time of each payment to the borrower of the salary, wages, commission, or other compensation for services, from the time that a copy of the assignment, verified by the oath of the licensee or his agent, together with a similarly verified statement of the amount unpaid upon the loan and a printed copy of this section, is served upon the employer.


Code 1950, §§ 6-318, 6-319; 1966, c. 584, §§ 6.1-289, 6.1-290; 2010, c. 794.


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