§ 6.2-1624

Civil penalties

In addition to the authority conferred under §§ 6.2-1619 and 6.2-1622, the Commission may impose a civil penalty not exceeding $ 2,500 upon any mortgage lender or mortgage broker required to be licensed under this chapter who it determines, in proceedings commenced in accordance with the Commission’s Rules, has violated any of the provisions of this chapter or any other law or regulation applicable to the conduct of the mortgage lender’s or mortgage broker’s business. For the purposes of this section, each separate violation shall be subject to the civil penalty herein prescribed, and each day after the date of notification, excluding Sundays and holidays, as prescribed in § 2.2-3300, that an unlicensed person engages in the business or holds himself out to the general public as a mortgage lender or mortgage broker shall constitute a separate violation.


1987, c. 596, § 6.1-428; 1990, c. 4; 2001, c. 511; 2008, c. 863; 2010, c. 794.


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