§ 6.2-1818

Additional charges

In addition to the loan principal, interest, and fees permitted under § 6.2-1817, no further or other amount whatsoever shall be directly or indirectly charged, contracted for, collected, received or recovered except (i) any deposit item return fee incurred by the licensee, not to exceed $ 25, if the check given by the borrower as security is returned because the account on which it was drawn was closed by the borrower or contained insufficient funds, or the borrower stopped payment on the check, and (ii) if judgment is obtained against the borrower, court costs and reasonable attorney fees if awarded by the court, incurred as a result of the returned check in an amount not to exceed $ 250. A licensee shall not be entitled to collect or recover from a borrower any sum otherwise permitted pursuant to § 6.2-302, 8.01-27.2, or 8.01-382.


2002, c. 897, § 6.1-461; 2004, c. 295; 2008, cc. 849, 876; 2010, c. 794.


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