§ 6.2-2218


A. No person licensed or required to be licensed under this chapter shall use or cause to be published any advertisement that (i) contains any false, misleading, or deceptive statement or representation or (ii) identifies the person by any name other than the name set forth on the license issued by the Commission.

B. Any advertising materials used to promote the price, cost, or interest rate of motor vehicle title loans shall disclose the amount of any minimum monthly payments and a statement of finance charges, expressed as an annual percentage rate, payable using as an example a $ 1,000 loan that is repaid over a 12-month period. In any print media advertisement, including any web page, used to promote motor vehicle title loans, the disclosure shall be conspicuous. “Conspicuous” shall have the meaning set forth in subdivision (a) (14) of § 59.1-501.2. If a single advertisement consists of multiple pages, folds, or faces, the disclosure requirement applies only to one page, fold, or face. In a television advertisement used to promote motor vehicle title loans, the visual disclosure legend shall include 20 scan lines in size. In a radio advertisement or advertisement communicated by telephone used to promote motor vehicle title loans, the disclosure statement shall last at least two seconds and the statement shall be spoken so that its contents may be easily understood.


2010, c. 477, § 6.1-498.


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