§ 6.2-2302

Limited access to safe deposit box upon death of lessee

A. Upon (i) the death of the sole lessee of a box or (ii) the death of a lessee of a box rented under the name of two or more persons upon proof satisfactory to the company that no then co-lessee is reasonably available for access to the box, the company may permit limited access to the box by the spouse or next of kin of the deceased lessee, a court clerk, or other interested person for the limited purpose of looking for a will or other testamentary instruments.

B. The company may require proof of death as it deems necessary prior to permitting access to a box.

C. Access to a box shall be under the supervision of a designated officer or employee of the company, and nothing shall be removed from the box except the will or testamentary instrument for transmission to the appropriate clerk.

D. The company shall (i) make a photocopy of any document removed from a box pursuant to this section, (ii) place the copy in the box prior to delivering the original to any person, and (iii) not be liable except for acting in bad faith or for permitting the removal from the safe deposit box of items other than the will or other testamentary instrument of the deceased lessee.


1984, c. 446, § 6.1-332.1; 2002, c. 312; 2003, c. 269; 2010, c. 794.


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