§ 6.2-819

Authority to engage in trust business; permission of Commission required

A. A bank shall not engage in the trust business unless its articles of incorporation state that one of its purposes is to engage in the trust business.

B. A bank shall not commence to engage in the trust business without first obtaining permission from the Commission. The Commission shall not grant such permission unless it finds that:

1. The bank’s capital structure is sufficiently strong to support such additional undertaking;

2. The personnel who will direct the proposed trust department have adequate experience and training, and will devote sufficient time to its affairs to insure compliance with the law and to protect the bank against surcharge; and

3. The granting of trust powers to the bank will be in the public interest.

C. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection B, any bank actively engaged in the trust business on January 1, 1966, may continue in the trust business without the Commission’s permission.

D. A bank authorized to do a trust business shall conduct such business in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 10 (§ 6.2-1000 et seq.).


Code 1950, § 6-91; 1958, c. 139; 1966, c. 584, § 6.1-16; 1976, c. 658; 2010, c. 794.


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