§ 6.2-877

Overdrafts by bank officer or director

No bank shall pay an overdraft of an executive officer or director of the bank on an account at the bank unless the payment of funds is made in accordance with (i) a written, preauthorized, interest-bearing extension of credit plan that specifies a method of repayment or (ii) a written, preauthorized transfer of funds from another account of the account holder at the bank. This prohibition does not apply to the payment of inadvertent overdrafts on an account in an aggregate amount of $ 1,000 or less if (a) the account is not overdrawn for more than five business days and (b) the member bank charges the executive officer or director the same fee charged any other customer of the bank in similar circumstances.


1981, c. 343, § 6.1-62.1; 2010, c. 794.


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