Trust Subsidiaries.

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Trust Subsidiaries..” It is part of Title 6.2, titled “Financial Institutions And Services.” It is part of Subtitle II, titled “Depository Institutions And Trust Organizations.” It is part of Chapter 10, titled “Entities Conducting Trust Business.” It’s comprised of the following 18 sections.

§ 6.2-1047
§ 6.2-1048
Organization of subsidiary trust companies
§ 6.2-1049
Permissible business
§ 6.2-1050
§ 6.2-1051
Report to Commission of election of director
§ 6.2-1052
Removal of director or officer; appeals; penalty
§ 6.2-1053
Bonds required of officers and employees; blanket bond
§ 6.2-1054
Certificate required
§ 6.2-1055
Trust offices
§ 6.2-1056
When security not required of trust subsidiaries
§ 6.2-1057
Deposits held or received by trust subsidiaries or subsidiary bank with affiliate banks
§ 6.2-1058
Substitution of trust subsidiary as fiduciary
§ 6.2-1059
Substitution of subsidiary bank under common ownership as fiduciary
§ 6.2-1060
Trust subsidiaries to have same powers and restrictions as bank trust departments
§ 6.2-1061
Reports; investigations and examinations; civil penalties
§ 6.2-1062
Offenses by officer, director, agent or employee of trust subsidiary; penalties
§ 6.2-1063
Officers, directors, agents and employees violating or causing trust subsidiary to violate laws; civil liability not affected
§ 6.2-1064
Civil penalties for violation of Commission's orders