§ 62.1-148

Resolutions and ordinances assuring local cooperation

The governing body of any county, city or town is authorized to adopt such resolutions and/or ordinances as may be required giving it assurances to the Secretary of the Army or the Chief of Engineers of the United States Army for the fulfillment of the required items of local cooperation as expressed in acts of Congress and/or congressional documents, as conditions precedent to the accomplishment of river and harbor and flood control projects of the United States, when it shall appear, and is determined, by such local governing body that any such project will accrue to the general or special benefit of such county, city or town. In each case where the subject of such local cooperation requirements comes before a governing body a copy of its final action, whether it be favorable or unfavorable, will be sent to the Commissioner of Water Resources for the information of the Governor.


Code 1950, § 62-117.1; 1958, c. 197; 1968, c. 659.


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