§ 62.1-149

Items of cooperation to which localities may bind themselves

Such resolutions and ordinances may irrevocably bind such county, city or town:

(1. To provide, free of cost to the United States the fee simple title to lands, perpetual and/or temporary easements, rights-of-way and any other interest in lands for cut-off bends, the laying of pipelines, erection of dikes, sluiceways, spillways, dams, drains, deposit of dredged materials, and for other purposes;

(2. To alter existing structures on such areas;

(3. To simultaneously dredge designated areas not covered by the federal project when and where required;

(4. To construct and maintain public wharves and public roads leading thereto;

(5. To make contributions in money or property in lieu of providing disposal areas for dredged materials;

(6. To hold the United States safe and harmless against claims for damages arising out of the project or work incident thereto;

(7. To remove sewer pipes and submarine cables;

(8. To construct and maintain marine railways for the public use; and

(9. To provide or satisfy any other items or conditions of local cooperation as stipulated in the congressional document covering the particular project involved.

This section shall not be interpreted as limiting but as descriptive of the items of local cooperation, the accomplishment of which counties, cities and towns are herein authorized to irrevocably bind themselves; it being intended to authorize counties, cities and towns to comply fully and completely with all of the items of local cooperation as contemplated by Congress and as stipulated in the congressional acts or documents concerned.


Code 1950, § 62-117.2; 1968, c. 659.


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