§ 62.1-255


As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:”Beneficial use” includes, but is not limited to, domestic (including public water supply), agricultural, commercial, and industrial uses.”Board” means the State Water Control Board.”Ground water” means any water, except capillary moisture, beneath the land surface in the zone of saturation or beneath the bed of any stream, lake, reservoir or other body of surface water wholly or partially within the boundaries of this Commonwealth, whatever the subsurface geologic structure in which such water stands, flows, percolates or otherwise occurs.”Ground water withdrawal permit” means a certificate issued by the Board permitting the withdrawal of a specified quantity of ground water in a ground water management area.”Person” means any and all persons, including individuals, firms, partnerships, associations, public or private institutions, municipalities or political subdivisions, governmental agencies, or private or public corporations organized under the laws of this Commonwealth or any other state or country.


1992, c. 812.


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