§ 62.1-267

Issuance of special exceptions

A. The Board may issue special exceptions to allow the withdrawal of ground water in cases of unusual situations where requiring the user to obtain a ground water withdrawal permit would be contrary to the intended purpose of the Act.

B. In reviewing an application for a special exception, the Board may consider the amount and duration of the proposed withdrawal, the beneficial use intended for the ground water, the return of the ground water to the aquifer, and the effect of the withdrawal on human health and the environment. Any person requesting a special exception shall submit an application to the Board containing such information as the Board shall require by regulation adopted pursuant to this chapter.

C. Any special exception issued by the Board shall state the terms pursuant to which the applicant may withdraw ground water, including the amount of ground water that may be withdrawn in any period and the duration of the special exception. No special exception shall be issued for a term exceeding ten years.

D. A violation of any term or provision of a special exception shall subject the holder thereof to the same penalties and enforcement procedures as would apply to a violation of a ground water withdrawal permit.

E. The Board shall have the power to amend or revoke any special exception after notice and opportunity for hearing on the grounds set forth in subsection D of § 62.1-266 for amendment or revocation of a ground water withdrawal permit.


1992, c. 812.


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