§ 63.2-101

Authority of Department to request and receive information from other agencies; use of information so obtained; provide access to information for medical assistance eligibility purposes

A. The Department may request and shall receive from the records of all departments, boards, bureaus or other agencies of this Commonwealth and of other states such information as is necessary for the purpose of carrying out the provisions and programs of this title, and the same are authorized to provide such information; provided that, a written statement from the requesting party stating the reason for seeking such record is submitted and filed with the record sought. The Department may make such information available only to public officials and agencies of this Commonwealth, and other states, and political subdivisions of this Commonwealth and other states, where the request for information relates to administration of the various public assistance or social services programs.

B. The Department shall provide, to the Department of Medical Assistance Services and to certain entities approved by the Board of Medical Assistance Services, access to information regarding a medical assistance applicant’s receipt of public assistance from programs administered by the Department. Such access shall be limited to information necessary to determine an individual’s eligibility for medical assistance services and to the extent specified in a memorandum of understanding between the Department and the Department of Medical Assistance Services.


1975, c. 9, § 63.1-1.1:1; 1981, c. 21; 2002, c. 747; 2016, c. 111.


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