§ 63.2-1250

Registration; notice; form

A. Except as otherwise provided in subsection C, a man who desires to be notified of a placement of a child by a local board pursuant to § 63.2-900, a proceeding for adoption, or a proceeding for termination of parental rights regarding a child that he may have fathered shall register with the Putative Father Registry before the birth of the child or within 10 days after the birth. A registrant shall promptly notify the registry of any change in the information registered including but not limited to change of address. The Department shall incorporate all new information received into its records but is not required to obtain current information for incorporation in the registry.

B. A man will not prejudice any rights by failing to register if:

1. A father-child relationship between the man and the child has been established pursuant to § 20-49.1, 20-49.8, or if the man is a presumed father as defined in § 63.2-1202; or

2. The man commences a proceeding to adjudicate his paternity before a petition to accept consent or waive adoption consent is filed in the juvenile and domestic relations district court, or a petition for adoption or a petition for the termination of his parental rights is filed with the court.

C. Failure to register pursuant to subsection A shall waive all rights of a man who is not an acknowledged, presumed, or adjudicated father to withhold consent to an adoption proceeding unless the man was led to believe through the birth mother’s fraud that (i) the pregnancy was terminated or the mother miscarried when in fact the baby was born or (ii) that the child died when in fact the child is alive. Upon the discovery of the fraud, the man shall register with the Putative Father Registry within 10 days.

D. The child-placing agency or adoptive parent(s) shall give notice of a placement of a child by a local board pursuant to § 63.2-900, a proceeding for adoption, or a proceeding for termination of parental rights regarding a child to a registrant who has timely registered pursuant to subsection A. Notice shall be given pursuant to the requirements of this chapter or § 16.1-277.01 for the appropriate adoption proceeding.

E. Any man who has engaged in sexual intercourse with a woman is deemed to be on legal notice that a child may be conceived and the man is entitled to all legal rights and obligations resulting therefrom. Lack of knowledge of the pregnancy does not excuse failure to timely register. In the event that the identity and whereabouts of the birth father are reasonably ascertainable, written notice of the existence of an adoption plan and the availability of registration with the Putative Father Registry shall be provided by personal service or by certified mailing to the man’s last known address. The man shall have no more than 10 days from the date of such personal service or certified mailing to register. The personal service or certified mailing may be done either prior to or after the birth of the child.

F. The Department shall prepare a form for registering with the agency that shall require (i) the registrant’s name, date of birth and social security number; (ii) the registrant’s driver’s license number and state of issuance; (iii) the registrant’s home address, telephone number and employer; (iv) the name, date of birth, ethnicity, address and telephone number of the putative mother, if known; (v) the state of conception; (vi) the place and date of birth of the child, if known; (vii) the name and gender of the child, if known; and (viii) the signature of the registrant. No form for registering with the Putative Father Registry pursuant to this subsection shall be complete unless signed by the registrant.

G. The form shall also state that (i) timely registration entitles the registrant to notice of a proceeding for adoption of the child or termination of the registrant’s parental rights, (ii) registration does not commence a proceeding to establish paternity, (iii) the information disclosed on the form may be used against the registrant to establish paternity, (iv) services to assist in establishing paternity are available to the registrant through the Department, (v) the registrant should also register in another state if conception or birth of the child occurred in another state, (vi) information on registries of other states may be available from the Department, (vii) the form is signed under penalty of perjury, and (viii) procedures exist to rescind the registration of a claim of paternity.


2006, c. 825; 2009, c. 805; 2012, c. 424; 2015, c. 531.


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