§ 63.2-1800

Licensure requirements

A. Each license shall indicate whether the facility is licensed to provide residential living care or residential living and assisted living care.

B. Any facility licensed exclusively as an assisted living facility shall not use in its title the words “convalescent,” “health,” “hospital,” “nursing,” “sanatorium,” or “sanitarium,” nor shall such words be used to describe the facility in brochures, advertising, or other marketing material. No facility shall advertise or market a level of care that it is not licensed to provide. Nothing in this subsection shall prohibit the facility from describing services available in the facility.

C. Upon initial application for a license, any person applying to operate an assisted living facility who has not previously owned or managed or does not currently own or manage such a facility shall be required to undergo training by the Commissioner. The training programs shall focus on health and safety regulations and resident rights as they pertain to assisted living facilities and shall be completed by the owner or administrator prior to the granting of an initial license. Such training shall be required of those owners and currently employed administrators of an assisted living facility at the time of initial application for a license. The Commissioner may also approve training programs provided by other entities and allow owners or administrators to attend such approved training programs in lieu of training by the Commissioner. The Commissioner may also approve for licensure applicants who meet requisite experience criteria as established by the Board. The Commissioner may, at his discretion, issue a license conditioned upon the owner or administrator’s completion of the required training.

D. For the purpose of facilitating the prompt restoration of electrical service and prioritization of customers during widespread power outages, the Commissioner shall notify on a quarterly basis all electric utilities serving customers in Virginia as to the location of all assisted living facilities licensed in the Commonwealth. The requirements of this subsection shall be met if the Commissioner maintains such information on an electronic database accessible by electric utilities serving customers in Virginia.


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