§ 63.2-1809.1

Insurance notice requirements for family day homes; civil penalty

A. Any person who operates a family day home approved by a licensed family day system, a licensed family day home, or a voluntarily registered family day home shall furnish a written notice to the parent or guardian of each child under the care of the family day home, which states whether there is liability insurance in force to cover the operation of the family day home; provided, that no person under this section shall state that liability insurance is in place to cover the operation of the family day home, unless there is a minimum amount of coverage as established by the Department.

B. Each parent or guardian shall acknowledge, in writing, receipt of such notice. In the event there is no longer insurance coverage, the person operating the family day home shall (i) notify each parent or guardian within 10 business days after the effective date of the change and (ii) obtain written acknowledgment of such notice. A copy of an acknowledgment required under this section shall be maintained on file at the family day home at all times while the child attends the family day home and for 12 months after the child’s last date of attendance.

C. Any person who fails to give any notice required under this section shall be subject to a civil penalty of up to $ 500 for each such failure.


2006, c. 923; 2007, c. 594.


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