§ 63.2-1927

Assertion of lien; effect

Ten days after service of the notice containing the proposed administrative support order as provided in § 63.2-1916, or immediately upon receipt by the Department of a court order or foreign support order, a lien may be asserted by the Commissioner upon the real or personal property of the debtor. The claim of the Department for a support debt, not paid when due, shall be a lien when docketed against all property of the debtor in the county or city where docketed with priority of a secured creditor. The Department’s lien shall take priority over all other debts and creditors under state law of such debtor including the proceeds or anticipated proceeds of a personal injury or wrongful death award or settlement except that the Department’s lien shall be inferior to those liens created under § 8.01-66.2 or § 8.01-66.9, any statutory right of subrogation accruing to a health insurance provider, and the lien of the attorney representing the injured person in the personal injury or wrongful death action. However, the lien of the Department shall be subordinate to the lien of any prior mortgagee. The Department shall have the sole authority to negotiate settlement of its liens. Settlement of the Department’s support liens does not affect the remaining support arrearages. This lien shall be separate and apart from, and in addition to, any other lien created by, or provided for, in this title. Such order, when an abstract thereof is docketed with the circuit court, shall have the same effect as a docketed abstract of judgment from another Virginia court.Whenever a support lien has been filed and there is in the possession of any person, firm, corporation, association, political subdivision or department of the Commonwealth having notice of such lien, any property which may be subject to the support lien, such property shall not be paid over, released, sold, transferred, encumbered or conveyed, except as provided for by the exemptions contained in § 63.2-1933, unless a written release or waiver signed by the Commissioner has been delivered to such person, firm, corporation, association, political subdivision or department of the Commonwealth or unless a determination has been made in a hearing pursuant to § 63.2-1916 or by a court ordering release of such support lien on the basis that no debt exists or that the debt has been satisfied.


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