§ 63.2-1946Virginia New Hire Reporting Center; State Directory of New Hires; reporting by employers.

A. Each employing unit shall report to the Virginia New Hire Reporting Center, operated under the authority of the Division of Child Support Enforcement, the initial employment of any person, as defined in § 60.2-212, within twenty days of such employment. The Center shall operate and maintain the Virginia State Directory of New Hires. The Center is authorized to share information with the Virginia Employment Commission.

B. Employers who transmit such reports magnetically or electronically shall, if necessary, report by two monthly transmissions not less than twelve days nor more than sixteen days apart. Employers that have employees who are employed in two or more states and that transmit reports magnetically or electronically may comply by designating one state in which such employer has employees to which the employer will transmit the report, and transmitting such report to such state. Such employers shall notify the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services in writing as to which state is designated for the purpose of sending reports and shall provide a copy of that notification to the Virginia New Hire Reporting Center.

C. Employers shall not report an employee of a state agency performing intelligence or counterintelligence functions, if the head of such agency has determined that such reporting could endanger the safety of the employee or compromise an ongoing investigation or intelligence mission.

D. Information to be provided shall include only that information that is required by federal law. This information may be provided by mailing a copy of the employee’s W-4 form, transmitting information magnetically or electronically in the prescribed format or by any other means determined by the Virginia New Hire Reporting Center to result in timely reporting. Within three business days after the date information regarding a newly hired employee is entered into the Virginia State Directory of New Hires, the Center shall furnish the information to the National Directory of New Hires established under § 453 (i) of the Social Security Act, as amended.

E. The Board shall have the authority to adopt regulations as necessary, consistent with the federal law and its implementing regulations, to administer this provision, including any exemptions and waivers which are needed to reduce unnecessary or burdensome reporting.


1998, c. 108, § 63.1-274.11; 2002, c. 747.


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