§ 63.2-319

Child welfare and other services

Each local board shall provide, either directly or through the purchase of services subject to the supervision of the Commissioner and in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board, any or all child welfare services herein described when such services are not available through other agencies serving residents in the locality. For purposes of this section, the term “child welfare services” means public social services that are directed toward:

1. Protecting the welfare of all children including handicapped, homeless, dependent, or neglected children;

2. Preventing or remedying, or assisting in the solution of problems that may result in the neglect, abuse, exploitation or delinquency of children;

3. Preventing the unnecessary separation of children from their families by identifying family problems, assisting families in resolving these problems and preventing the break up of the family where preventing the removal of a child is desirable and possible;

4. Restoring to their families children who have been removed by providing services to the families and children;

5. Placing children in suitable adoptive homes in cases where restoration to the biological family is not possible or appropriate; and

6. Assuring adequate care of children away from their homes in cases where they cannot be returned home or placed for adoption.

Each local board is also authorized and, as may be provided by regulations of the Board, shall provide rehabilitation and other services to help individuals attain or retain self-care or self-support and such services as are likely to prevent or reduce dependency and, in the case of dependent children, to maintain and strengthen family life.


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