Funding Of Public Assistance And Social Services

This is Chapter 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Funding Of Public Assistance And Social Services.” It is part of Title 63.2, titled “Welfare (social Services).” It is part of Subtitle I, titled “General Provisions Relating To Social Services.” It’s comprised of the following 13 sections.

§ 63.2-400
Local appropriation
§ 63.2-401
Reimbursement of localities by the Commonwealth
§ 63.2-402
Reimbursement of the Commonwealth by local board
§ 63.2-403
Expenditures by Department
§ 63.2-404
Expenses of Auditor of Public Accounts, Comptroller and State Treasurer
§ 63.2-405
Provisions for determination of eligibility for medical care and medical assistance; provision of social services; regulations
§ 63.2-406
Authority of Board upon amendments of the Social Security Act or regulations of the Department of Health and Human Services
§ 63.2-407
Necessary or incidental public assistance or social services
§ 63.2-408
When a locality fails to provide public assistance or social services; deductions by Comptroller; social services; withholding payments
§ 63.2-409
No lien to attach to property of applicant or recipient; release of existing unforeclosed liens
§ 63.2-410
State pool of funds under the Children's Services Act
§ 63.2-411
Construction and operation of children's residential facilities
§ 63.2-412
Assistance to needy persons engaged in work or training programs; costs of administration of such programs