§ 64.2-1200

Commissioners of accounts

A. The judges of each circuit court shall appoint as many commissioners of accounts as may be necessary to carry out the duties of that office. The commissioner of accounts shall have general supervision of all fiduciaries admitted to qualify in the court or before the clerk of the circuit court and shall make all ex parte settlements of the fiduciaries’ accounts. The person appointed as a commissioner of accounts shall be a discreet and competent attorney-at-law and shall be removable at the pleasure of the court.

B. In the event more than one commissioner of accounts is appointed, each commissioner of accounts shall maintain his own office and keep his own books, records, and accounts. Each commissioner of accounts shall retain the power of supervision over every account, matter, or thing referred to him until a final account is approved for such account, matter, or thing, unless he resigns, retires, or is removed from office, in which case his successor shall continue such duties.

C. For any given service performed, each commissioner of accounts shall have the authority to establish a lesser fee than that prescribed by the court or to waive one or more fees.


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