§ 64.2-1312

Report to circuit court; death of fiduciary; fiduciary for recipient of federal benefits

A. The commissioner of accounts shall state, settle, and report to the circuit court an account of the transactions of a fiduciary, as provided by law. Every fiduciary shall also, at the request of the commissioner of accounts, exhibit (i) the securities held by the fiduciary together with a statement from every bank in which cash is held at the terminal date of the account and (ii) proof that all premiums due upon any required surety bond have been paid.

B. If a personal representative of a decedent’s estate, a testamentary trustee, a guardian, a conservator, or a committee dies prior to the filing and settlement of the fiduciary’s account, the personal representative of the fiduciary’s estate shall have the obligation to make the requisite filing and settlement through the date of death unless any successor fiduciary makes the requisite filing.

C. For fiduciaries acting on behalf of a recipient of social security, supplemental security income, or veteran’s or other federal benefits, no accounting to the commissioner of accounts shall be required of benefits paid to a designated representative on behalf of the recipient if the representative is otherwise required to account for such benefits. However, any fiduciary otherwise required to make an accounting to the commissioner of accounts shall disclose in the account the total amount of such benefits received during the accounting period for which no incremental fee for such benefits shall be charged by the commissioner of accounts.


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