§ 64.2-1501

Time within which guardian of an estate, conservator, or other fiduciary to invest funds; reasonable diligence required

A. Whenever a guardian of an estate, conservator, or other fiduciary charged with the investment of funds collects any principal, he shall have a reasonable time, not to exceed four months, to invest or loan the funds and shall not be charged with interest thereon until the expiration of such time. A guardian of an estate, conservator, or any other fiduciary shall only be required to invest in accordance with the provisions of §§ 64.2-1502 through 64.2-1506 and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (§ 64.2-780 et seq.) and, if he invests in accordance with these provisions, he shall be accountable only for such interest and profits as are earned. If any funds are otherwise invested without the previous consent of the court having jurisdiction of such trust funds, the burden shall be on the guardian of an estate, conservator, or other fiduciary before his settlement is approved by the commissioner of accounts to show to the satisfaction of the commissioner of accounts that, after exercising reasonable diligence, he was unable to invest the funds in accordance with these provisions and that the investment made was reasonable and proper under all of the circumstances and fair to the beneficiary of the funds.

B. This section shall not be construed as altering the provisions of any will, deed, or other instrument that give the fiduciary discretion as to the rate of interest, character of security, nature or investment under the trust, or time within which the trust funds are to be loaned or invested.


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