§ 64.2-905

Multiple beneficiaries; separate custodial trusts; survivorship

A. Beneficial interests in a custodial trust created for multiple beneficiaries are deemed to be separate custodial trusts of equal undivided interests for each beneficiary. Except in a transfer or declaration for use and benefit of husband and wife, for whom survivorship is presumed, a right of survivorship does not exist unless the instrument creating the custodial trust specifically provides for survivorship or survivorship is required as to marital property.

B. Custodial trust property held under this chapter by the same custodial trustee for the use and benefit of the same beneficiary may be administered as a single custodial trust.

C. A custodial trustee of custodial trust property held for more than one beneficiary shall separately account to each beneficiary pursuant to §§ 64.2-906 and 64.2-914 for the administration of the custodial trust.


1990, c. 264, § 55-34.6; 2012, c. 614.


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