§ 65.2-1007

Disposition of fund

Upon receiving the payments required by § 65.2-1002, the Comptroller shall place the whole thereof to the credit of the fund for the administration of this title. Such fund shall not be used for any other purpose, except as hereinafter expressly provided. The Workers’ Compensation Commission shall administer the fund to carry out the provisions of this title and shall disburse the same as hereinafter directed. If the receipts shall exceed the expenditures for any year and a surplus accrue in the fund in excess of one year’s budgeted expenditures, the Commission shall authorize a credit for the ensuing years as provided by § 65.2-1008. No portion of the fund or any surplus accruing therein shall be paid into the general fund of the state treasury, nor shall the fund be administered, handled or disbursed except as provided in this section. All claims for salaries or expenses, when approved by a majority of the members of the Commission, shall be presented to the Comptroller and audited by him under the provisions of Chapter 8 (§ 2.2-800 et seq.) of Title 2.2, and he shall draw his disbursement warrants therefor on the State Treasurer; however, any claim for $ 2,000 or less may be approved by the Chairman or his designee. All such claims shall show to whom and for what service, material or other things or reason such amounts are to be paid and shall be accompanied by voucher, checks or receipts covering the same, except as to items of less than one dollar.


Code 1950, § 65-127; 1968, c. 660, § 65.1-136; 1976, c. 603; 1980, c. 554; 1991, c. 355.


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