§ 65.2-203

Powers and duties of deputy commissioners and bailiffs

A. Deputy commissioners shall have the power to subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony and hear the parties at issue and their representatives and witnesses, decide the issues in a summary manner, and make an award carrying out the decision. Deputies may exercise other powers and perform any duties of the Commission delegated to them by the Commission.

B. The bailiffs of the Commission shall, in all matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission, have the powers, discharge the functions, and perform the duties of a sheriff under the law. They shall preserve order during the public sessions of the Commission; may make arrests and serve and make return on any writ or process awarded by the Commission; and shall execute any writ, order, or process of execution awarded upon the findings or judgments of the Commission in any matter within its jurisdiction. They shall exercise other powers and perform any duties as may be delegated to them.


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