Application And Effect Of Title

This is Chapter 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Application And Effect Of Title.” It is part of Title 65.2, titled “Workers' Compensation.” It’s comprised of the following 16 sections.

§ 65.2-300
Presumption of acceptance of provisions of title; exemptions; notice and rejection
§ 65.2-301
Victims of sexual assault
§ 65.2-301.1
Public safety officers
§ 65.2-302
Statutory employer
§ 65.2-303
Recovery from subcontractor; proceedings against owner or contractor
§ 65.2-304
Indemnity of principal from subcontractor
§ 65.2-305
Voluntary subjection to provisions of title; effect of taking out insurance or qualifying as self-insurer
§ 65.2-306
When compensation not allowed for injury or death; burden of proof
§ 65.2-307
Employee's rights under Act exclude all others; exception
§ 65.2-308
Discharge of employee for exercising rights prohibited; civil action; relief
§ 65.2-309
Lien against settlement proceeds or verdict in third party suit; subrogation of employer to employee's rights against third parties; evidence; recovery; compromise
§ 65.2-309.1
Creation of lien and subrogation of employer to employee's rights to recover uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits pursuant to insurance coverage carried by and at the expense of employer
§ 65.2-310
Protection of employer when employee sues third party
§ 65.2-311
Expenses and attorney's fees in action under § 65.2-309 or § 65.2-310
§ 65.2-312
False statements, representations, etc., in connection with an award; penalties
§ 65.2-313
Method of determining employer's offset in event of recovery under § 65.2-309 or § 65.2-310