§ 66-25.1:2

Career training and technical education programs

A. With such funds as are made available for this purpose, the Department shall provide juveniles committed to the Department with opportunities to work and to participate in career training or technical education programs operated by the Department.

B. The Department may develop appropriate interagency linkages with state and local agencies, public and private institutions of education and of higher education, labor and industry councils, the business community, rehabilitative services providers, and employment and guidance services to assist juveniles in acquiring necessary work habits, developing marketable skills, and identifying career goals through a broad range of career opportunities and mentoring and apprenticeship programs. In providing career-related programs, training, and services, the Department may consult and cooperate with the Virginia Employment Commission and the Department of Labor and Industry. Work training opportunities may include business, industrial, agricultural, highway maintenance and construction, and work release programs as hereafter specified in this article. In addition, juveniles may be employed to improve, repair, work on, or cultivate public property or buildings.


2005, c. 648; 2012, cc. 803, 835.


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