§ 66-25.1:4

Work release furlough

The Director may, subject to rules and regulations prescribed by the Board, extend the limits of confinement of any offender participating in a work release program that is subject to the Director’s authority to permit the offender a furlough for the purpose of visiting his home or family. Such furlough shall be for a period to be prescribed by the Director, not to exceed three days.In the event that the juvenile is committed to the Department as a serious offender pursuant to § 16.1-285.1, the juvenile shall not be approved for a furlough for the purpose of visiting his home or family without written approval of the committing court.Any offender who, without proper authority or without just cause, fails to remain within the limits of confinement set by the Director hereunder, or fails to return within the time prescribed to the place designated by the Director in granting such authority, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor, and shall be ineligible for further participation in a work release program during his current term of confinement. In the event such offender leaves the Commonwealth, the offender may be found guilty of an escape as provided in § 18.2-477.


2005, c. 648.


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