§ 66-25.3


As used in this chapter unless the context requires otherwise or it is otherwise provided:

“Correctional services” means the following functions, services and activities when provided within a juvenile correctional facility or otherwise:

1. Operation of facilities, including management, custody of juveniles and provision of security;

2. Food services, commissary, medical services, transportation, sanitation or other ancillary services;

3. Development and implementation assistance for classification, management information systems or other information systems or services;

4. Education, training and employment programs;

5. Recreational, religious and other activities; and

6. Counseling, special treatment programs, or other programs for special needs.

“Juvenile correction facility” or “center” or “facility” means any institution operated by or under the authority of the Department and shall include, whether obtained by purchase, lease, lease/purchase, construction, reconstruction, restoration, improvement, alteration, repair or other means, any physical betterment or improvement related to the housing of juveniles or any preliminary plans, studies or surveys relative thereto; land or rights to land; and any furnishings, machines, vehicles, apparatus, or equipment for use in connection with any juvenile correctional facility.”Contractor” means any entity entering into or offering or proposing to enter into a contractual agreement to provide any juvenile correctional facility for or correctional services to juveniles under the custody of the Commonwealth.


1996, cc. 795, 942.


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