§ 67-101

Energy objectives

The Commonwealth recognizes each of the following objectives pertaining to energy issues will advance the health, welfare, and safety of the residents of the Commonwealth:

1. Ensuring an adequate energy supply and a Virginia-based energy production capacity;

2. Minimizing the Commonwealth’s long-term exposure to volatility and increases in world energy prices through greater energy independence;

3. Ensuring the availability of reliable energy at costs that are reasonable and in quantities that will support the Commonwealth’s economy;

4. Managing the rate of consumption of existing energy resources in relation to economic growth;

5. Establishing sufficient supply and delivery infrastructure to maintain reliable energy availability in the event of a disruption occurring to a portion of the Commonwealth’s energy matrix;

6. Using energy resources more efficiently;

7. Facilitating conservation;

8. Optimizing intrastate and interstate use of energy supply and delivery to maximize energy availability, reliability, and price opportunities to the benefit of all user classes and the Commonwealth’s economy as stated in subdivision 2 of § 67-100;

9. Increasing Virginia’s reliance on sources of energy that, compared to traditional energy resources, are less polluting of the Commonwealth’s air and waters;

10. Researching the efficacy, cost, and benefits of reducing, avoiding, or sequestering the emissions of greenhouse gases produced in connection with the generation of energy;

11. Removing impediments to the use of abundant low-cost energy resources located within and outside the Commonwealth and ensuring the economic viability of the producers, especially those in the Commonwealth, of such resources;

12. Developing energy resources and facilities in a manner that does not impose a disproportionate adverse impact on economically disadvantaged or minority communities;

13. Recognizing the need to foster those economically developable alternative sources of energy that can be provided at market prices as vital components of a diversified portfolio of energy resources; and

14. Increasing Virginia’s reliance on and production of sustainably produced biofuels made from traditional agricultural crops and other feedstocks, such as winter cover crops, warm season grasses, fast-growing trees, algae or other suitable feedstocks grown in the Commonwealth that will create jobs and income, produce clean-burning fuels that will help to improve air quality, and provide the new markets for Virginia’s silvicultural and agricultural products needed to preserve farm employment, conserve farmland and forestland, and increase implementation of silvicultural and agricultural best management practices to protect water quality.

Except as provided in subsection D of § 56-585.1, nothing in this section shall be deemed to abrogate or modify in any way the provisions of the Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act (§ 56-576 et seq.).


2006, c. 939; 2008, c. 883; 2009, cc. 411, 768; 2011, c. 236; 2012, c. 544.


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