§ 67-1102

Occupation of property of certain localities; imposition of terms and conditions as to use of property

A. Any incorporated city or town may impose upon a renewable generator any terms and conditions consistent herewith and supplemental hereto, as to the occupation and use of its streets, avenues, and alleys, and as to the construction and maintenance of the distribution facilities of the renewable generator along, over, or under the same, that the city or town may deem expedient and proper.

B. No locality shall impose any fees on a renewable generator for the use of public rights-of-way except in the manner prescribed in § 67-1103.

C. No locality shall impose on a renewable generator, whether by franchise, ordinance, or other means, any restrictions or requirements concerning the use of the public rights-of-way that are (i) unfair or unreasonable or (ii) any greater than those imposed on providers of electric or natural gas utility service.

D. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any permit or other permission required by a locality pursuant to a franchise, ordinance, or other permission to use the public rights-of-way of a renewable generator to use the public rights-of-way shall be granted or denied within 45 days from submission and, if denied, accompanied by a written explanation of the reasons the permit was denied and the actions required to cure the denial.

E. No locality receiving directly or indirectly a public rights-of-way use fee shall require a renewable generator to provide in-kind services or physical assets as a condition of consent to use public rights-of-way or easements, or in lieu of the public rights-of-way use fee.

F. A renewable generator shall have the same rights, duties and responsibilities related to the crossing of a railroad as afforded other public service corporations in §§ 56-12, 56-17, 56-18, 56-19, 56-20, 56-21, 56-22, 56-25, 56-26, and 56-27. Nothing in this chapter shall expand the rights of renewable generators to either cross or otherwise have access to railroad property to an extent greater than that afforded other public service corporations in Title 56.


2009, c. 807.


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