§ 67-1201

Authority created; purpose

The Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority is created as a body corporate and a political subdivision of the Commonwealth and as such shall have, and is vested with, all of the politic and corporate powers as are set forth in this chapter. The Authority is established for the purposes of facilitating, coordinating, and supporting the development, either by the Authority or by other qualified entities, of the offshore wind energy industry, offshore wind energy projects, and associated supply chain vendors by collecting relevant metocean and environmental data, by identifying existing state and regulatory or administrative barriers to the development of the offshore wind energy industry, by working in cooperation with relevant local, state, and federal agencies to upgrade port and other logistical facilities and sites to accommodate the manufacturing and assembly of offshore wind energy project components and vessels, and by ensuring that the development of such projects is compatible with other ocean uses and avian and marine resources, including both the possible interference with and positive effects on naval facilities and operations, NASA-Wallops Flight Facility operations, shipping lanes, recreational and commercial fisheries, and avian and marine species and habitats. The Authority shall, in cooperation with the relevant state and federal agencies as necessary, recommend ways to encourage and expedite the development of the offshore wind energy industry. The Authority shall also consult with research institutions, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and stakeholders as the Authority deems appropriate.The Authority shall have only those powers enumerated in this chapter.


2010, cc. 507, 681.


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