§ 8.01-195.4

Jurisdiction of claims under this article; right to jury trial; service on Commonwealth or locality

The general district courts shall have exclusive original jurisdiction to hear, determine, and render judgment on any claim against the Commonwealth or any transportation district cognizable under this article when the amount of the claim does not exceed $ 4,500, exclusive of interest and any attorneys’ fees. Jurisdiction shall be concurrent with the circuit courts when the amount of the claim exceeds $ 4,500 but does not exceed $ 25,000, exclusive of interest and such attorneys’ fees. Jurisdiction of claims when the amount exceeds $ 25,000 shall be limited to the circuit courts of the Commonwealth. The parties to any such action in the circuit courts shall be entitled to a trial by jury.In all actions against the Commonwealth commenced pursuant to this article, the Commonwealth shall be a proper party defendant, and service of process shall be made on the Attorney General. The notice of claim shall be filed pursuant to § 8.01-195.6 on the Director of the Division of Risk Management or the Attorney General. In all such actions against a transportation district, the district shall be a proper party and service of process and notices shall be made on the chairman of the commission of the transportation district.


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