§ 8.01-460

Decree for support and maintenance of spouse or infant children of parties as lien on real estate

A decree, order or judgment for support and maintenance of a spouse or of infant children of the parties payable in future installments or a monetary award for future installments as provided for in § 20-107.3, shall be a lien upon such real estate of the obligor as the court shall, from time to time, designate by order or decree. An order after reasonable notice to the obligor adjudicating that the obligor is delinquent, shall be a lien on the obligor’s real estate. Liens under this section shall arise when duly docketed in the manner prescribed for the docketing of other judgments for money; however, no such decree, order or judgment for support and maintenance or for a monetary award in accordance with § 20-107.3 shall be docketed unless so ordered by the court in such decree, order or judgment. On petition by any interested person and after reasonable notice to the obligee, the court in which the obligor was adjudicated delinquent may order the release or other modification of such lien.The lien may also be released upon agreement of all persons for whom support and maintenance is ordered under the decree, order or judgment, provided all such persons are sui juris. The clerk shall note the release on the record upon receipt of an affidavit from all the obligees stating that (i) all the obligees are sui juris and (ii) they agreed to the release of the lien on specified real property. Any lien created pursuant to this section shall expire upon the support obligation being paid in full by the obligor. The clerk may release such liens upon receipt of an affidavit of all the obligees that such support obligation has been paid in full, or upon an order or decree of a court of competent jurisdiction.


Code 1950, § 8-388; 1977, c. 617; 1979, c. 496; 1985, c. 529; 1989, c. 8.


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