§ 8.01-475

Subsequent executions

Subject to the limitations prescribed by Chapter 17 (§ 8.01-426 et seq.) of this title, a party obtaining an execution may sue out other executions at his own costs, though the return day of a former execution has not arrived; and may sue out other executions at the defendant’s costs, when on a former execution there is a return by which it appears that the writ has not been executed, or that it or any part of the amount thereof is not levied, or that property levied on has been discharged by legal process which does not prevent a new execution on the judgment. In no case shall there be more than one satisfaction for the same money or thing.And the fact that a judgment creditor may have availed himself of the benefit of any other remedies under this chapter, shall not prevent him from issuing, from time to time, without impairing his lien under it, other executions upon his judgment until the same is satisfied.


Code 1950, § 8-407; 1977, c. 617.


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