§ 8.01-502

Person paying debtor not affected by lien unless notice given

As against a person making a payment to the judgment debtor, the lien referred to in § 8.01-501 shall not affect him, unless and until he be given written notice thereof setting forth (i) the name of the person against whom obtained, (ii) by whom obtained, (iii) the amount and costs of the judgment, (iv) the date recovered, (v) the date of the issuance or renewal of execution thereon, (vi) the return day of execution, and (vii) the date of placing of the execution in the hands of the officer or other person authorized to serve process pursuant to § 8.01-293, and unless such notice shall be personally signed by the plaintiff or his attorney and shall have been duly served upon the person making payment and the judgment debtor by an officer authorized to serve civil process.


Code 1950, § 8-432; 1954, c. 615; 1977, c. 617; 1996, c. 1002.


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