§ 8.01-506.2

Proceedings in court of county or city where execution debtor resides

When pursuant to subsection B of § 8.01-506, a summons requires the execution debtor to appear before a court of the county or city in which the execution debtor resides, or of a county or city contiguous thereto, the execution creditor may have the case filed or docketed in that court as follows:

1. The execution creditor shall file with that court an abstract of the judgment rendered.

2. The execution creditor shall pay a fee to that court in accordance with the provisions of § 16.1-69.48:2 or subdivision 17 of § 17.1-275.

3. After docketing or filing the abstract of judgment and payment of any fees, the court shall issue the summons and any subsequent executions on the filed or docketed judgment, including a subpoena duces tecum pursuant to § 8.01-506.1, and shall conduct such hearings and enter such orders pursuant to §§ 8.01-507, 8.01-507.1, 8.01-508, 8.01-509, and 8.01-510 as may be required.

4. The execution creditor shall file in both courts any releases or satisfactions of judgment.


2005, c. 726.


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