§ 8.01-66.6

Liability for reasonable charges for services

The notice set forth in subsection A of § 8.01-66.5, when served upon or given to the person, firm or corporation whose negligence is alleged to have caused injuries or to the attorney for the injured party, shall have the effect of making such person, firm, corporation or attorney liable for the reasonable charges for the services rendered the injured person to the extent of the amount paid to or received by such injured party or his personal representative exclusive of attorney’s fees, but, except in liens created under § 8.01-66.9 or 19.2-368.15, not in excess of the maximum amounts prescribed in § 8.01-66.2.


Code 1950, § 32-143; 1979, c. 722; 1980, c. 623; 2003, c. 525; 2013, c. 273.


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