Miscellaneous Provisions

This is Article 9 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Miscellaneous Provisions.” It is part of Title 8.01, titled “Civil Remedies And Procedure.” It is part of Chapter 14, titled “Evidence.” It’s comprised of the following 17 sections.

§ 8.01-417
Copies of written statements or transcriptions of verbal statements by injured person to be delivered to him; copies of subpoenaed documents to be provided to other party; disclosure of insurance policy limits
§ 8.01-417.1
Use of portions of documents in evidence (Subsection (b) of Supreme Court Rule 2:106 derived from this section)
§ 8.01-418
When plea of guilty or nolo contendere or forfeiture in criminal prosecution or traffic case admissible in civil action; proof of such plea
§ 8.01-418.1
Evidence of subsequent measures taken not admissible to prove negligence (Supreme Court Rule 2:407 derived from this section)
§ 8.01-418.2
Evidence of polygraph examination inadmissible in any proceeding
§ 8.01-418.3
§ 8.01-419.1
Motor vehicle value
§ 8.01-420
Depositions as basis for motion for summary judgment or to strike evidence
§ 8.01-420.01
Limiting further disclosure of discoverable materials and information; protective order
§ 8.01-420.1
Abolition of common-law perpetuation of testimony
§ 8.01-420.2
Limitation on use of recorded conversations as evidence
§ 8.01-420.3
Court reporters to provide transcripts; when recording may be stopped; use of transcript as evidence
§ 8.01-420.4
Taking of depositions
§ 8.01-420.5
Estoppel effect of judicial determination of employment status
§ 8.01-420.6
Number of witnesses whose depositions may be taken
§ 8.01-420.7
Attorney-client privilege and work product protection; limitations on waiver
§ 8.01-420.8
Protection of confidential information in court files