Miscellaneous Provisions

This is Article 21 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Miscellaneous Provisions.” It is part of Title 8.01, titled “Civil Remedies And Procedure.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Actions.” It’s comprised of the following 41 sections.

§ 8.01-218
Replevin abolished
§ 8.01-219
Effect of judgment in trover
§ 8.01-219.1
Responsibility of possessor of real property for harm to trespasser
§ 8.01-220
Action for alienation of affection, breach of promise, criminal conversation and seduction abolished
§ 8.01-220.1
Defense of interspousal immunity abolished as to certain causes of action arising on or after July 1, 1981
§ 8.01-220.1:1
Civil immunity for officers, partners, members, managers, trustees and directors of certain tax exempt organizations
§ 8.01-220.1:2
Civil immunity for teachers under certain circumstances
§ 8.01-220.1:3
Immunity for members of church, synagogue or religious body
§ 8.01-220.1:4
Civil immunity for officers and directors of certain nonprofit organizations
§ 8.01-220.2
Spousal liability for medical care
§ 8.01-221
Damages from violation of statute, remedy therefor and penalty
§ 8.01-221.1
Unestablished business damages; lost profits
§ 8.01-221.2
Rescission; undue influence; attorney fees
§ 8.01-222
§ 8.01-223
Lack of privity no defense in certain cases
§ 8.01-223.1
Use of constitutional rights
§ 8.01-223.2
Immunity of persons at public hearing
§ 8.01-224
Defense of governmental immunity not available to certain persons in actions for damages from blasting, etc
§ 8.01-225
Persons rendering emergency care, obstetrical services exempt from liability
§ 8.01-225.01
Certain immunity for health care providers during disasters under specific circumstances
§ 8.01-225.02
Certain liability protection for health care providers during disasters
§ 8.01-225.1
Immunity for team physicians
§ 8.01-225.2
Immunity for those rendering emergency care to animals
§ 8.01-225.3
Immunity for volunteer first responders en route to an emergency
§ 8.01-226
Duty of care to law-enforcement officers and firefighters, etc
§ 8.01-226.1
Civil immunity when participating in Lawyers Helping Lawyers
§ 8.01-226.10
Civil immunity for causing the arrest of a person for a bad check
§ 8.01-226.11
Civil immunity for operation of victim notification program
§ 8.01-226.12
Duty of landlord and managing agent with respect to visible mold
§ 8.01-226.13
Limited standing to seek injunctive relief against manufacturing companies
§ 8.01-226.2
Civil immunity for licensed professional engineers and licensed architects participating in rescue or relief assistance
§ 8.01-226.3
Civil immunity for officers, directors and members of certain crime information-gathering organizations
§ 8.01-226.4
Civil immunity for hospice volunteers
§ 8.01-226.5
Immunity for installers and inspectors of child restraint devices
§ 8.01-226.5:1
Civil immunity for school board employees supervising self-administration of certain medication
§ 8.01-226.5:2
Immunity of hospital and emergency medical services agency personnel for the acceptance of certain infants
§ 8.01-226.6
§ 8.01-226.7
Owner and agent compliance with residential lead-based paint notification; maintenance immunity
§ 8.01-226.8
Civil immunity for public officials and private volunteers participating in certain programs for probationers
§ 8.01-226.9
Exemption from civil liability in connection with arrest or detention of person suspected of shoplifting
§ 8.01-227
Remedy by motion on certain bonds given or taken by officers; notice