Who To Be Served

This is Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Who To Be Served.” It is part of Title 8.01, titled “Civil Remedies And Procedure.” It is part of Chapter 8, titled “Process.” It’s comprised of the following 33 sections.

§ 8.01-296
Manner of serving process upon natural persons
§ 8.01-297
Process on convict defendant
§ 8.01-298
How summons for witness or juror served
§ 8.01-299
How process served on domestic corporations generally
§ 8.01-300
How process served on municipal and county governments and on quasi-governmental entities
§ 8.01-301
How process served on foreign corporations generally
§ 8.01-302
§ 8.01-303
On whom process served when corporation operated by trustee or receiver
§ 8.01-304
How process served on copartner or partnership
§ 8.01-305
Process against unincorporated associations or orders, or unincorporated common carriers
§ 8.01-306
Process against unincorporated associations or orders, or unincorporated common carriers; principal office outside Virginia and business transactions in Virginia
§ 8.01-307
Definition of terms "motor vehicle" and "nonresident" in motor vehicle and aircraft accident cases
§ 8.01-308
Service on Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles as agent for nonresident motor vehicle operator
§ 8.01-309
Service on Secretary of Commonwealth as agent of nonresident operator or owner of aircraft
§ 8.01-310
How service made on Commissioner and Secretary; appointment binding
§ 8.01-311
Continuance of action where service made on Commissioner or Secretary
§ 8.01-312
Effect of service on statutory agent; duties of such agent
§ 8.01-313
Specific addresses for mailing by statutory agent
§ 8.01-314
Service on attorney after entry of general appearance by such attorney
§ 8.01-315
Notice to be mailed defendant when service accepted by another
§ 8.01-316
Service by publication; when available
§ 8.01-317
What order of publication to state; how published; when publication in newspaper dispensed with
§ 8.01-318
Within what time after publication case tried or heard; no subsequent publication required
§ 8.01-319
Publication of interim notice
§ 8.01-320
Personal service outside of Virginia
§ 8.01-321
Orders of publication in proceedings to enforce liens for taxes assessed upon real estate
§ 8.01-322
Within what time case reheard on petition of party served by publication, and any injustice corrected
§ 8.01-323
In what counties city newspapers deemed published for purpose of legal advertisements
§ 8.01-324
Newspapers which may be used for legal notices and publications
§ 8.01-325
Return by person serving process
§ 8.01-326
Return as proof of service
§ 8.01-326.1
Service of process or notice on statutory agent; copy to be sent to defendant and certificate filed with court; effective date of service
§ 8.01-327
Acceptance of service of process