§ 9.1-161

(Effective October 1, 2016) Crime prevention specialists; duties

The Board shall adopt regulations establishing minimum standards for certification of crime prevention specialists. Such regulations shall require that the chief law-enforcement officer of the locality or the campus police departments of institutions of higher education established by Article 3 (§ 23.1-809 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 23.1 wherein the person serves shall approve the certification before a candidate for certification may serve as a crime prevention specialist. A crime prevention specialist shall have the duty to:

1. Provide citizens living within his jurisdiction information concerning personal safety and the security of property, and other matters relating to the reduction of criminal opportunity;

2. Provide business establishments within his jurisdiction information concerning business and employee security, and other matters relating to reduction of criminal activity;

3. Provide citizens and businesses within his jurisdiction assistance in forming and maintaining neighborhood and business watch groups and other community-based crime prevention programs;

4. Provide assistance to other units of government within his jurisdiction in developing plans and procedures related to the reduction of criminal activity within government and the community; and

5. Promote the reduction and prevention of crime within his jurisdiction and the Commonwealth.


1994, cc. 60, 868, § 9-173.19; 2001, c. 844; 2004, c. 466.


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