§ 9.1-906

Enrollment or employment at institution of higher learning; information required

A. Persons required to register or reregister who are enrolled in or employed at institutions of higher learning shall, in addition to other registration requirements, indicate on their registration and reregistration form the name and location of the institution attended by or employing the registrant whether such institution is within or without the Commonwealth. In addition, persons required to register or reregister shall notify the local law-enforcement agency in person within three days of any change in their enrollment or employment status with an institution of higher learning. The local law-enforcement agency shall forthwith forward to the State Police all necessary registration or reregistration information received by it.

B. Upon receipt of a registration or reregistration indicating enrollment or employment with an institute of higher learning or notification of a change in status, the State Police shall notify the chief law-enforcement officer of the institution’s law-enforcement agency or, if there is no institutional law-enforcement agency, the local law-enforcement agency serving that institution, of the registration, reregistration, or change in status. The law-enforcement agency receiving notification under this section shall make such information available upon request.

C. For purposes of this section:”Employment” includes full- or part-time, temporary or permanent or contractual employment at an institution of higher learning either with or without compensation.”Enrollment” includes both full- and part-time.”Institution of higher learning” means any post-secondary school, trade or professional institution, or institution of higher education.


2003, c. 584; 2006, cc. 857, 914.


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