§ 1-403

Conveyances of certain waste and unappropriated lands and marshlands to the United States

A. The Governor is authorized to execute in the name of the Commonwealth deeds conveying, subject to the jurisdictional and other limitations and reservations contained in §§ 1-400 and 1-405, to the United States such title as the Commonwealth may have in waste and unappropriated lands entirely surrounded by lands owned by the United States, when the same are certified as being vacant and unappropriated by a duly authorized agent of the United States and are described by metes and bounds descriptions filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth and with the clerk of the court in the county wherein such unappropriated land is situated.

B. The Governor is authorized to execute, in the name and on behalf of the Commonwealth, a deed or other appropriate instrument conveying to the United States, without any consideration but subject to the jurisdictional limitations and reservations contained in §§ 1-400 and 1-405, such right, title and interest in or easement over and across the marshes lying along the seaside of the Counties of Accomack and Northampton as may be necessary and proper for the construction, operation and maintenance of a canal or channel for small boats over and through such marshlands.


Code 1950, § 7-23; 1966, c. 102, § 7.1-20; 1976, c. 211; 2005, c. 839.


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