§ 1-404

(Effective until July 1, 2018) Licensing sale of mixed alcoholic beverages on lands ceded to or owned by United States

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board may license the sale of mixed alcoholic beverages as defined in Chapter 1 (§ 4.1-100 et seq.) of Title 4.1 at places primarily engaged in the sale of meals on lands ceded by the Commonwealth to the United States or owned by the government of the United States or any agency thereof provided that such lands are used as ports of entry or egress to and from the United States, and provided that such lands lie within or partly within the boundaries of any county in this Commonwealth which permits the lawful dispensing of mixed alcoholic beverages. The Board is hereby authorized to adopt rules and regulations governing the sale of such spirits, and to fix the fees for such licenses, within the limits fixed by general law.


1968, c. 511, § 7.1-21.1; 1993, c. 866; 2005, c. 839.


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