§ 10.1-1425.8

Department of Transportation; authority and duty

The Department of Transportation is authorized to conduct recycling research projects, including the establishment of demonstration projects which use recycled products in highway construction and maintenance. Such projects may include by way of example and not by limitation the use of ground rubber from used tires or glass for road surfacing, resurfacing and sub-base materials, as well as the use of plastic or mixed plastic materials for ground or guard rail posts, right-of-way fence posts and sign supports.The Department of Transportation shall periodically review and revise its bid procedures and specifications to encourage the use of products and materials with recycled content in its construction and maintenance programs.The Commissioner of Highways may continue to provide for the collection of used motor oil and motor vehicle antifreeze from the general public at maintenance facilities in the County of Bath. The Commissioner of Highways may designate the source of funding for the collection and disposal of these materials.


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