§ 2.2-4323

Purchase programs for recycled goods; agency responsibilities

A. All state agencies shall implement a purchase program for recycled goods and shall coordinate their efforts so as to achieve the goals and objectives established in subsection C as well as those set forth in §§ 10.1-1425.6, 10.1-1425.7, 10.1-1425.8, 2.2-4313, 2.2-4324, and 2.2-4326.

B. The Department of Environmental Quality shall advise the Department of General Services concerning the designation of recycled goods. In cooperation with the Department of General Services, the Department of Environmental Quality shall increase the awareness of state agencies as to the benefits of using such products.

C. The Department of General Services shall:

1. Ensure that the Commonwealth’s procurement guidelines for state agencies promote the use of recycled goods.

2. Promote the Commonwealth’s interest in the use of recycled products to vendors.

3. Make agencies aware of the availability of recycled goods, including those that use post-consumer and other recovered materials processed by Virginia-based companies.

D. All state agencies shall, to the greatest extent possible, adhere to the procurement program guidelines for recycled products to be established by the Department of General Services.


1994, c. 553, § 11-47.01; 2001, c. 844; 2011, cc. 594, 681.


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