§ 10.1-2203

Board of Historic Resources membership; appointment; terms

A. The Virginia Historic Landmarks Board within the executive branch of state government is continued as the Board of Historic Resources and shall consist of seven members. The members of the Board shall initially be appointed for terms of office as follows: two for a one-year term, two for a two-year term, two for a three-year term, and one for a four-year term. Appointments thereafter shall be made for four-year terms, except appointments to fill vacancies occurring other than by expiration of term, which shall be filled for the unexpired term.

B. In making appointments to the Board, the Governor shall consult with agencies and organizations in Virginia that have as their principal interest the study of Virginia’s history and the preservation of Virginia’s historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources. The Governor shall also consult appropriate agencies and organizations that represent business and property interests that may be affected by actions of the Board.


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