§ 10.1-2204

Duties of Board of Historic Resources

A. The Board of Historic Resources shall:

1. Designate historic landmarks, including buildings, structures, districts, objects and sites which constitute the principal historical, architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources which are of local, statewide or national significance and withdraw designation either upon a determination by the Board that the property has failed to retain those characteristics for which it was designated or upon presentation of new or additional information proving to the satisfaction of the Board that the designation had been based on error of fact;

2. Establish and endorse appropriate historic preservation practices for the care and management of designated landmarks;

3. Approve the proposed text and authorize the manufacture of highway historical markers;

4. Acquire by purchase or gift battlefield properties and designated landmarks, or easements or interests therein;

5. Review the programs and services of the Department of Historic Resources, including annual plans and make recommendations to the Director and the Governor concerning the effectiveness of those programs and services;

6. In cooperation with the Department, and through public lectures, writings, and other educational activities, promote awareness of the importance of historic resources and the benefits of their preservation and use; and

7. Apply for gifts, grants and bequests for deposit in the Historic Resources Fund to promote the missions of the Board and the Department.

B. For the purposes of this chapter, designation by the Board of Historic Resources shall mean an act of official recognition designed (i) to educate the public to the significance of the designated resource and (ii) to encourage local governments and property owners to take the designated property’s historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural significance into account in their planning, the local government comprehensive plan, and their decision making. Such designation, itself, shall not regulate the action of local governments or property owners with regard to the designated property.


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